How To Shop Wallpaper By Room: Home Office

In this blog, we’ve gathered together some amazing wallpaper designs that are appropriate for a home office. It will show you how using wallpaper can completely transform your office to create the perfect atmosphere for working in. We have taken some inspiration from the home decor platform ‘Houzz’ and provided you with alternatives which we sell on World of Wallpaper so that you can recreate the look.

We’ve taken some home office images from Houzz and suggested alternatives from WOW so that you can recreate the look!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have become more flexible and allowed their employees to work from home. Therefore, as we are spending more time working from home, it is advisable to make your home office as conductive to work in as possible.

As we did not have this freedom and flexibility before, many of us will not even have a home office. This may mean that you need to reconfigure your house to set aside a place to work in, for example making an unused spare room into an office. Inevitably, this means that it needs to be redecorated, and it is important to make the space into a place where you feel motivated and comfortable in.

A benefit of decorating your own home office is that you can personalise it to reflect your individual personality and to create the exact ambiance that you desire.  

How you choose to decorate your home office is entirely dependent on how you’d like it, but below are a few suggestions that you can use as inspiration. No matter what wallpaper you choose, make sure that you have a final look in mind and think about what atmosphere you’d like to create prior to starting.

Choose the theme for your home office:

1. Slick and corporate: You may wish to create a slick and corporate feel, for example to make yourself feel as though you are still somewhat separating work and home life, or to add a sense of formality to the working day.

A 'Slick and Corporate' Example Taken From Houzz