This blog showcases some of our amazing children's Hevensent wallpaper designs which would be perfect for bedrooms, playrooms and nurseries. Each magical wallpaper tells a story and provokes a young child's imagination so each bedtime or playtime, you can make up new stories for the wonderful scenes that are happening in the designs.

Fishing for Stars Wallpaper Midnight Blue Hevensent FFS-WP-MID

About the Brand

Hevensent is a British brand, and they only manufacture in England. As an ethically committed company, they believe that manufacturing locally is not only environmentally friendly, but also helps to support small local businesses, increase employment and keep heritage crafts alive.

Hevensent also care about quality and pride themselves in creating superior wallpapers, fabrics and heritage pieces that will last a lifetime, charming generation after generation.

Hevensent’s Story

The creator got her ideas for her wallpapers while planning dinner, or running a bath. She would chat with her babies and make up stories to keep them entertained. A bath towel would turn into a magical flying carpet that would transport her and her kids over chocolate waterfalls to imaginary lands, where adventure awaits.

Each time, the adventure would get more daring and imaginative. As their stories grew, little illustrations and family members would appear, and slowly the adventures materialised into story wallpapers and products, each one with its own magic. 

The creators did not just want to create wallpapers and interiors, instead they wanted to create opportunities to create fun and lasting memories. Over time, the family adventures evolved into their little family business, Hevensent, which they named in memory of their grandma, Hannah Evans.

Beautiful Hevensent Wallpapers for Children’s Rooms

Fishing for Stars Wallpaper Midnight Blue Hevensent FFS-WP-MID

'While dreaming with friends across the clouds of sleep, the children fish for stars on grand galleon boats pulled by bluebirds'. 

This mesmorising wallpaper is beautifully illustrated and tells a story of its own, provoking children's imagination.

We feel that you could sit in your child's room for hours making up stories as to what is happening in this magical scene. It is available in two wonderful colourways.

Swans Wallpaper Lavender Hevensent SWA-WP-LAV

'Swans gliding in the air, it is a sight oh so rare with grace and beauty in their flight wings so wild angelic white'.

This beautifully illustrated story wallpaper presents itself in a range of soft lavendar tones. It shows a little girl flying on a swan, something which I'm sure we all dreamt of when we were younger.

How many different scenarios can you and your little one come up with at bedtime as to what adventure the girl and swan are going on?

Popcorn Wallpaper Pink Hevensent POP-WP-PIN

'Stardust horse in the night, faraway places in our sight, dreams of treasure in the sky, curled up in bed as we lie'.

This wallpaper is also available in baby blue and grey colourways. The magical illustration portrays children flying on horses amongst the clouds, having many amazing experiences that only children could understand!

Playtime Wallpaper Multi Hevensent PLA-WP-VAR

'Playing in the summery sun, laughing together having fun. Hours together we can play, until we reach the end of the day'.

This wallpaper shows various playtime activities in a variety of soft colour hues on a pale blue background and evokes a timeless vintage feel. This would make a classy and sophisticated nursery or playroom, as well as children's bedroom.

Forest Wallpaper Copper Rust Metallic Hevensent FOR-WP-COP

'The Forest is a magical place, it has some gems hidden in space with leaves, leaves everywhere, and they give us beauty, life and air. While sleeping at night the forest wakes, and come alive with magical animals hidden in the trees'. 

This enchanting wallpaper in a copper rust metallic colour way adds a truly special element to this timeless statement design, telling the story of the magic of the forest with delightful hidden woodland creatures and birds. It's available in 4 other gorgeous colour ways.

Woodland Wallpaper Nite Dark Grey Hevensent WOO-WP-NIT

This is classic cute woodland design in soft textured tones of pink with tonal greys, but also available in a lighter colourway. It's a timeless statement design telling the story of the magic of the forest, suitable to use in any room from living rooms, nurseries, to kid’s rooms, even bathrooms.

Speed Wallpaper Midnight Blue Hevensent SPE-WP-MID


'Rush little bunny with eyes so bright, speed so fast, almost in flight. Rush little bunny don’t be late your almost at the finish gate'.

This wallpaper features cute bunnies with the need for speed racing across the walls in 3 lovely colour ways. It mixes timelessness with abstract as it displays cute rabbits whizzing through the forests in their racing cars. It also gives an Alice in Wonderland feel with it's imaginitive yet classic image.

And that's it for our display of our amazing Hevensent wallpaper range. Each wallpaper comes with a story, yet allows space for you and your little one to make up your own stories with these imaginitive designs. These are not just wallpapers, but wallpapers that create lasting memories which are incredibly valuable.

Thank you for reading!

Emma - Marketing Assistant @ World of Wallpaper