Black Friday is officially here - and instead of running for just one day; it is running for an entire 9 days! Our Black Friday sale started on Saturday 20th November and ends at midnight on Monday 29th November, so you still have a whole week to do your Black Friday shopping from now. That’s plenty of time to make the most of our fantastic deals!

This year, we are offering a massive blanket discount of 10% on every single product that we sell on our website! Black Friday is the biggest day, (or in our case 9 days) for retail in the calendar, so it's something that you don’t want to miss out on.

You can even use this code to take an extra 10% off our discounted items, which are already up to 63% off! Please click here to see our amazing discounted wallpaper section.

From designer wallpapers like Versace, Skinny Dip, Emma J Shipley and Cath Kidston to our exclusive wallpapers, it’s game time for shopping. Whether you want to rush ahead this year and get all of your DIY products ahead of the New Year or spring, or need wallpaper now to start decorating ASAP, follow our top tips on how to make the most of Black Friday on World of Wallpaper. It might be a good idea to grab yourself some on trend wallpapers for 2022. With that in mind, look out for next week's blog on wallpaper trends for 2022!

We want you to make your home decorated exactly how you want it, even if you don’t want to spend a lot of money doing it.

At World of Wallpaper, we want you to be able to decorate your walls to suit your style and taste, even if you don't want to spend a lot. That's why we have put together a selection of some of the most stylish and eye-catchy wallpapers on sale.

Make the Most of Our Black Friday Deals

Emma J Shipley in the Sale

A lot of our high-end Emma J Shipley wallpapers are discounted at the moment, and you can use the 10% Black Friday discount on these in addition to these existing deals. You'll find this unique yet sophisticated brand at retail stores such as Anthropologie and Harrods, but we have the wallpapers on WOW at great prices. See below to get a taste of the luxurious style that Emma J Shipley wallpapers bring. They typically host bold, vibrant colours and mystical patterns that are brilliant conversation starters! These wallpapers usually retail for £49.99, but now you can get them for just £37.79 so this is a great deal!

Emma J Shipley Animalia Audubon Wallpaper Pink W0099/04

Emma J Shipley Animalia Audubon Wallpaper Pink W0099/04

This stunning Audubon Wallpaper is part of the Emma J Shipley Animalia collection and would make a unique feature in your home. The design features a collection of detailed hand-painted style tropical birds and insects on trailing branches, in tones of pink, purple and grey, with metallic pink and silver touches.

Emma J Shipley Animalia Rousseau Wallpaper Jungle W0104/03

Emma J Shipley Animalia Rousseau Wallpaper Jungle W0104/03

This stunning Wallpaper is inspired by the famous French artist Henri Rousseau who was known for his jungle themed paintings. This incredible design features a detailed curling vine pattern entwined with peacock feathers and flamingo heads, with tropical birds, butterflies and chameleons set amongst it in beautiful jewel-like tones of green, pink and blue on a white background.

Cath Kidston in the Sale

Cath Kidston is another hugely popular brand that we sell on WOW, and some ot these wallpapers are in the sale - you heard it here first! These usually retail for £18.99 per roll, but with the discount and Black Friday discount, they're now only £11.70!!

Cath Kidston Greenwich Flowers Wallpaper Blue / Pink 182513

Cath Kidston Flower Wallpaper Blue / Pink 182513

This Cath Kidston Greenwich Flowers Wallpaper will brighten up any room of your home. This design features a beautiful floral trail design with pink toned flowers on green foliage, surrounded by delicately detailed bees and ladybirds, set on a matte blue background.

Cath Kidston Millfield Blossom Wallpaper Navy Blue 182521

Cath Kidston Millfield Blossom Wallpaper Navy Blue 182521

This Cath Kidston Millfield Blossom Wallpaper will create an eye-catching statement in any room of your home. This design features an array of beautiful pink and red toned blossoms with blue foliage and intricate metallic silver detailing, set on a navy blue matte background.

Bold Geometrics from Muriva in the Sale

We thought it was worth mentioning these amazing geometric wallpapers, as the offer is just too good to resist. They were originally £26.99, but and went to £9.99 in the sale, but during the Black Friday period, you can get them for an incredible £9!

Metallic Square Wallpaper Copper / Rose Gold Muriva L44605

Metallic Square Wallpaper Copper / Rose Gold Muriva L44605

Be brave and try this eye-catching Metallic Square wallpaper which offers a fresh take on the geometric trend and will make a great statement in your home. The bold design features a 3D cube effect that is made up of a geometric square pattern in complimentary tones of copper and rose gold, with a metallic sheen for a contemporary finish.

I've shown you a few brands on the discounted section, but remember you can use the discount on everything, not just items in the sale section! There are also loads more items in the sale section that are definitely worth checking out!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog!

Emma - Marketing Assistant @ World of Wallpaper